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17th May 2016 02:12PM

New Permissions System
With the latest version of iVech (2.6.0), we’ve introduced a new permissions system which allows us to change the permissions for each and every one of our customers.

iVech is split into 5 user roles; Valeter, Staff, Manager, Director & Accountant. Each role has access to different parts of the systems, however, should you wish for a user to have further access beyond their role,we can easily make this change. Examples of this could be:

  • Giving a regular staff member the ability to cancel rentals
  • Giving Joe Bloggs access to invoicing
  • Giving your outside accountant access to the accounts in iVech only

You can download a copy of the standard permissions by clicking the link below. This document will be updated as and when we make changes to the basic permissions.

iVech Standard Permissions


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